Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Short Rant: Fuck San Antonio

Do people around the northeast end of San Antonio walk around with a stick up their ass?? It's everywhere I go, and most people I am forced to interact with, being complete assholes for no apparent reason. 

Something in your life isn't going well? Sorry about it, but your stank ass attitude isn't telling me anything other than the fact that you are a shitty person that doesn't know how to talk to people. It takes a lot for me not to return it in kind, and sometimes I do when the person becomes belittling, but for fucks sake, man. What the hell happened to generally faking it until you make it?

It's even with my family members, two of the worst human beings I have ever been around and can honestly say would not be around if not for convenience and being related by blood. 

See, I am a generally nice person. I like to wake up each morning and start anew, with a sunny disposition and something to at least be happy about. But sure enough, being around other people and their sour outlook on life just becomes infectious and before you know, a happy demeanor just became fed up with the shit.

San Antonio, you're big, you're boisterous, and you have a diverse culture. But your people are assholes, and it's too damn hot to be  dealing with assholes. 

And your traffic sucks.

And your stores are packed like hell, especially your HEBs with people waddling their hefty carts and even heftier asses through the aisles, stopping in the middle as if there isn't anyone behind them.

And then your Wal-Marts with workers running all throughout your stores, but only three to four at cash registers while the other 22 stay empty.

And your less than savory individuals who if they aren't asking me for money as if I'm Daddy Warbucks, or driving up to me at 10 at night asking me if I saw someone run past this area. As if I am watching strange people running up and down the street keeping track in case some shady person in a beat down Geo Metro happens to pull up next to me. 

Your downtown scenes are absolutely amazing and there is always something to do there. But, good lord, I can't take the people and the lack of personal space. If you're behind me and I can tell from your breath you had chimichangas while I'm still facing forward, you're too close me. 

Also, you never realize how many people smoke around you until you yourself stop smoking. That's not indicative of San Antonio, but since I'm bitching, why not dump everything out of the proverbial bitch purse. 

You're cool and everything, San Antonio, but I long to go back to Austin, high cost of living and all. At least the people there weren't insufferable cunts. And obviously, it's not all people in San Antonio, because I'm here, and I'm great. 

And the Spurs are overrated. There, I said it.

Okay, I'm done.

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