Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Long Rant: White Liberals, Stop Being Racist

Now that I have your attention and you are determined to defend your virtue, let me be clear: I do not believe that white liberals are inherently racist; your actions just have the tendency to be uber-passive aggressive in the sense that you are virtue signaling for the white guilt gods by saying that we as black people are this defenseless race in need of help from systemic racism. Well, guess what? In reality, you are doing nothing more than affirming your stance that not only are you as a white person better than us, but that we are so inferior that we need white daddy to save us from bad white daddy.

Black Lives Matter? Not my cup of tea, to be honest. Much like feminism, it was a movement started with the purest of intentions on paper, but has devolved into an oppression olympics of how black people are and will always be downtrodden, even though social justice movements like these have America so hard by the proverbial balls, that people are practically falling over themselves to apologize if something they said or did (but really said) was categorized as racist or bigoted.
Saying "all lives matter" in response to chants of "black lives matter" does not remove our humanity... why? Our lives are a part of those "all lives." You can say left and right that "all lives matter" diminishes our black lives, but you'd have to answer how that is the case. 

Black Lives Matter was a movement aimed at ending police brutality; unarmed black men were being killed at an alarmingly high rate. I would have more respect for the movement if not for its duplicity in perpetuating a dangerous myth about police and black people. For one, white people are the ones more likely to die in a police altercation. Two, the movement, much like the majority of world religions, was built on a lie. Finally, if we are really talking about the root of black lives being run down in these black communities, look no further than these black communities. 

No one is killing black people more than black people. 

If you think this is something I as a black man like talking about, it isn't. But I'll ignore the calls of Uncle Tom and coon and sellout if it means laying down some cold hard truths to the people so hellbent on ensuring that we regress back to the Jim Crow era and everyone be judged solely based on race. White liberals need to stop ignoring this shit and helping these regressives tap dance around the truth. It is literally killing us when you do this, and helping no one but those who would see us all die at the hands of each other than expose an ugly truth. 

White liberals, when you come to the defense of Leslie Jones after the Twitter bile she was subjected to, led by provocateur and glorified attention whore Milo Yiannopoulos, it borders between admirable and patronizing. After all, Leslie Jones has said her fair share of fucked up shit. Nowhere near the level of some of Milo's followers (and instigated by Milo), but as it stands, if you're going to condemn one person for vitriol, while ignoring the same when its someone who is a minority, you do realize what that is referred to as, right?


What that means is, because I am black, I can get away with saying and doing things that you as a white person could not... and I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't caught onto that early on and used it to my advantage. I see this shit playing out in the media all the time. When Christians are anti-gay, we condemn it. When Muslims are anti-gay, we kinda condemn it, but also create a false equivalence with Christianity, or chalk it up to "cultural differences." 

That's code talk for "We're more culturally evolved than them, so let's give them a cookie and hope they catch up."

For black and white people, it's racism. White people say fucked up things about black people, it's racism. Black people say fucked up things about white people, it's comedy. Or just not racism, because according to regressives like Chescaleigh (real name Franchesca Ramsey) and Marc Lamont Hill say that black people can't be racist

Oh, yes we can be racist... I mean, if we're looking at the definition of "racism", then there is nothing stopping us from being just as racist as white people. White people aren't better than me. They don't have any more power than I could have or have currently. We just happen to live in a country that is predominantly white, and yet for the last 8 years, one of ours (well, half of one of ours, but outwardly one of ours) has occupied the most powerful position in the free world. 

Not to say Obama being president ended racism (enough of that stupid strawman), but it'd be damn near impossible for a black man to attain such a position in a truly racist society.

White liberals, you're not helping black people by buying into this notion by "pro-blacks" that we are these helpless creatures acting out because of an oppressive system set up by the "white patriarchy" that is intentionally keeping black people down. My family and I are by no means living the life of luxury, but I see my aunt and mom and uncles making it, not coming up with excuses to feel sorry for themselves, but doing what they have to do.

And guess what? So is everyone else out here in middle and lower America. 

We don't deserve special handouts because we're black. We don't need white people telling us how oppressed we are when we fight back against this stifling narrative. Do you know I have had white liberals trying to tell me how oppressed I am? Trying to tell me about black struggles. I mean, really... how far does your head have to be up your ass to do that? 

Never before have I heard so much about race than when Obama came into office. He had his fair share of legitimately racist comments, but somewhere down the line, we as the moderate liberals and conservatives saw our movements being taken over by the extremists on both sides, and white liberals seemed hellbent on using us black people as nothing more than a talking point, not as individuals with our own agency.

I could go on all day, but this has gone on long enough. In closing, white liberals, I am just as smart as you, just as flawed as you, just as willing to sell out my principles for the right price as you, just as able to be racist as you, and just as capable of being held to the same standard as you. So how about you stop treating me like a retarded child and actually look at me as your equal? Or do I need to be like Ben Carson before you're vocally willing to talk honestly about your feelings?

Okay, I'm done... for now.

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