Saturday, August 27, 2016

The River Bears Jade

The bearer of this burden must endure the toll.
Why wait for a beacon to guide you?
It only lights the step in front of you.
Do you like the way life satisfies her sadism?
She gives you the start of the race
And she'll even show you the finish.
But, the road to the end is dark and obscured
What fun would life have if everything was given to you?
If life told you where to run
Where to walk
What potholes to jump over
What trees to never sit under for shade
What strangers to never ask for directions from
What to do
What not to do
Oh, no... she doesn't give easy.
She doesn't believe in simplicity.
And if simplicity beckons, be warned
It is not of her doing.
No, she gives us only the step in front of us.
She forces us to rely on instinct to guide our way to the line.
But, look over in the horizon.
With every step, the end comes closer.
Then moves further away.
The line is at the left.
The line is at the right.
There's a paradise awaiting you at the end.
By God, before your eyes it has transformed to Hell.
Your destiny
Your path
Your steps
Your future
With every lunge, she makes her message clearer
With each wrong turn, she makes her message clearer
With each new direction, she makes her message clearer
That nothing is clear.
Can you bear this burden?
 Can you endure this toll?
Look at your beginning
Look at your end
Look at the dark center between where you are and where you will be.
Use her light.

Now, be on your way.

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