Saturday, August 13, 2016

Short Rant: Nico Hines is an Idiot... The End

You have to really wonder who the hell over at the Daily Beast thought this was a good idea. 

"Hey, guys, you know what'll really be great?", writer Nico Hines suggested. "We're doing coverage of the Olympics here in Rio. So many other publications are covering the contaminated water sources, rampant violence and corruption of police and security, and deplorable living condition of our athletes. So why don't I create a fake Grindr account, troll some closeted athletes and then publish a story about it?"

"Excellent!!!" exclaimed (likely now fired) Daily Beast editor. "Have the story ready by 8. This is such a great idea. I can't wait for the great reaction to this."

Nico Hines by his own admission is a "straight white married father", so that alone evokes the proverbial side eye

I'm just saying... when you invite information that no one asked for in the beginning, one has to wonder how much of this was for "journalistic purposes" and how much of it was latent memories of lingering too long at Joseph in the showers of your private catholic school (I'm just making shit up... I don't know or care about his upbringing). 

This was bad. Monumentally bad. And unnecessary. I love me a good exposé, but this? It was just outing athletes at the Olympics... for what? In what part of the western hemisphere would they have thought this was cool, or that there would be an audience for it?

And this "Note From the Editors" which in my opinion only highlights how many of us on the left get so caught up in our moral superiority to being the usherers of LGBT equality that we often blindly act in ways that are seen as just as inflammatory but not as quick to react. Others are, but not those who are doing it and should know better. 

In any case, Nico Hines is in the world of social media and mob mentality, and so he will likely suffer a huge L for this blunder and be marred for a long time coming. And maybe that is a good thing, because as much as I get easily annoyed by the uber sensitive SJW regressive left, this is an instance where I completely understand the outrage. 

You did bad, Nico. You did really bad.

Okay, I'm done. 

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