Thursday, July 7, 2016

Long Rant: I Am NOT a Feminist, And Damn Proud Of It

Feminism in its modern form is a useless, totalitarian movement that claims to strive for full equality of the sexes, even though in the Western world, that equality is already a reality. There is not one right I as a man have that a woman does not, and when challenged to present a right, the usual ad-hominem nonsense is spewed out. Blah blah misogyny... blah blah patriarchy... blah blah cis scum. 

Double standards in the sexes? Sure... men who have sex with multiple partners is considered a stud, while women who also engage in the same acts is considered a whore. Oh, but wait... SO ARE MEN. Does the term "man whore" ring a bell? People can be just as puritanical and prudish when it comes to anyone being open with their sexuality, and you having a vagina doesn't make you immune to those same condemnations.

Gender wage gap? Utter nonsense that has been refuted within an inch of its life and a simple Google search would shut this stupid point up once and for all. 

Domestic violence? Nope... happens to both genders, and as a matter of fact, women who are victims of domestic violence are not only most likely believed, but the men are looked down on. We as men are taught not to hit women, even if she is the aggressor, which is why it is almost commonplace to ask "what did the man do?" when attacked by a woman. Even in clear cut cases when a man hits a woman who was attacking him, he can be seen as a villain for striking her. I don't see feminists lobbying for teaching women not to hit... just the men.

Rape culture? Bitch, where??? Where is there a rape culture? Instead of tackling the real issue of convicting rapists, you draft this harmful narrative that not only is there a rampant culture of rape in America and the western world, but you put the onus entirely on men as though we are these testosterone-oozing neanderthals that actually need to be taught not to rape. Newsflash, you fucking morons: WE ALREADY KNOW NOT TO RAPE!!! The crime of rape is seen as deplorable in society and you'll be hard pressed to find a prominent "culture" of it being condoned and happening freely. 

And the sad part is, in parts of the world that could really use feminism -- like the middle east -- these same feminists are oddly quiet on the second class status of the women there. In fact, criticize an Islamic country where women are denigrated and legitimately treated like garbage, these same feminists will not only bend over backwards to defend the culture, they will go so far as to call anyone who condemns it a racist... a fucking racist!! (Note: Islam is not a race). Case in point? This ridiculously deplorable video from the leading online regressive site, The Young Turks:

This is from a group of self-proclaimed feminists. A clear example of a group of migrants with primitive thinking about women, and their go-to? Blame the patriarchy. Chock it up to a "rowdy, testosterone hot mess." Really, bitch? And then in the same video, you'll note how brunette (Ana Kasparian) claims we in America have a rape culture, while then saying she doesn't believe the migrants' culture is "rapey", even though listing off elements of their culture that are the fucking definition of a rape culture. "Dress modestly or you're asking for it"? Yeah... that sounds "rapey", dumbass. 

I'm not a feminist for the same reason I'm no longer a believer: because it means too many things to too many people, but they are so bought and sold on their personal view that damn anyone that says differently. I'm not a feminist because the current model does not advocate for gender equality, but female superiority. I am not a feminist because I actually do believe that men and women should be equal, not that women should be equal while also enjoying the benefits of being a woman, like being instantly believed when an accusation is lobbied, or less jail time for committing the same crime a man does, or being immune from the military draft (although that's coming to an end soon). 

I am not a feminist because it is a patronizing, hypocritical movement that seeks to demonize men at every turn, and even makes the act of a man daring to correct a woman when she's wrong into something dastardly and misogynistic, called "mansplaining." Well, I'm tired of your "cuntsplaining" and your "ovary-acting" to any situation involving a man and woman as some kind of affront to female rights. You wanna work to get rid of double standards, benefits that one gender has over the other? Domestic violence towards men as well? 

Of course you don't... because in your zeal for "gender equality", you want to demonize anything male and/or having a penis. Besides, how can you with a straight face say "feminism" is for gender equality, when the name itself denotes a slant towards women? 

We're already equal. We already have the same rights. The only thing you can do that I can't is give birth, and the only thing I can do that you can't is get testicular torsion from being 'nad stomped. Take your fight to these regressive countries and fight for real rights for women instead of bitching about a man on a subway having his legs open too wide.

Or just keep Tumblr-ing and tweeting about stupid first world BS as usual. Do you, feminist.

Okay, I'm done. 

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