Thursday, May 12, 2016

Long Rant: Azealia Banks... Gone Girl, and Stay Gone

Photo Source: The Guardian
Congratulations, girl... you tried to shine a spotlight on racism and prejudice using your social media platform to highlight the structural unfairness and oppression of black women in society and the music industry, and what did you get for your troubles? Suspended from Twitter

You tried to open a new account because they can't keep a strong woman down, but Twitter was hot on that ass and shut that one down to. But why? According your explanation for your tirade against former One Directioner Zayn Malik, you were only reminding him of how he's a minority just like you... you know, by calling him a "sand nigger", "Punjab", a "hairy curry scented bitch." A totally non-aggressive and open way of reminding someone of Middle Eastern descent to show solidarity with other people of color. 

You tried it with Zayn, who didn't even entertain you (which set you off of course, because you need that drama). You tried it with Skai Jackson -- who, I'm not gonna lie, had never heard of before this -- and she shut you down, too, in all of her 14 year old glory. Using our lexicon, she snatched your edges -- well, she snatched where your edges would be. Girl, you relaxed that baby hair so much, it went to sleep and slid off your head. Sorry 'bout it. 

As much as I love your new single, "The Big Big Beat", your pro-black nonsense demonstrates the gnawing bone I have to pick with Progressive (Read: Regressive) black people. I don't know where on the spectrum you stand regarding your ideology or politics (you said you'd vote for Trump, but that sounded more like "Look at me! Look at me!" garbage), but the ad hominem diarrhea that comes out of your mouth reminds me a lot of this disgusting wave of regressive idiots who in all their so-called zeal to see the races as equal only serve to drive a wedge between those with varying degrees of -- or lack of -- melanin. 

You aren't for uplifting black women... you just want to uplift Azealia fucking Banks. I see you're trying to walk back what you said on Instagram, but too little, way too damn late. This is just another in the long list of vile nonsense you've said over the years, and while I support your freedom to speak your mind as you see fit, it's definitely aggravating to see you hiding behind the "oppressed black woman" shtick when in reality, you've had more chances and opportunities that people of other races -- and YES, white people -- will never have, and you managed to R. Kelly your own career. If you don't get the reference, I'm saying you pissed on it.

Black women don't need your kind of "activism"... if anything, your kind of rhetoric just furthers the stupid stereotype of the "angry black woman", and liberals and feminists will jump all over that narrative to avoid scrutinizing you with any kind of objectivity. I like your music, but your online presence is horrible. A great voice and sound eclipsed by self-sabotage. 

We in the black community don't need vitriol like this permeating the generations to come, raising them to always have a chip on their shoulder, be afraid of whitey, and think that being reactionary 24/7 always produces positive outcomes. It doesn't. It just creates more division and more of a lack of self-accountability when it comes to individually looking at life choices. You're not bigger on the scene, Azealia? Neither are a lot of good musicians, and some of them black women. I don't see them randomly attacking mainstream artists to keep themselves relevant. 

In any case, unplug from social media and take some time to yourself and look at what the fuck you're really angry about. You won't read this -- hell, I know where I stand on the internet in a sea of millions of blogs -- but hopefully someone in your life looking out for you will slap the phone out of your hand, take your on a nature walk -- remove that silly ass equine lace front of denial from your scalp --- and learn to love your life. You are in a place so many will never be, a place others deserve and won't take for granted the way you have. 

A person who doesn't denigrate the mother of another person and then claim it was just to remind them that they are "less than." That you even give credence to "White Supremacy" only serves to demonstrate how low you think of yourself. Girl, bye... I'd be more inclined to believe you if your head wasn't covered front to back in that ethnic denial hat you call hair.

In closing, I'm still gonna rock "The Big Big Beat"... don't care much for your other music, but I do love this song. Not a big fan of "Nigga" all through it, but good music is good music to me. Do that. Make good music. Make good music and creative visuals. Make good music and creative visuals and shut the hell up sometimes!!!

Okay, I'm done. 

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