Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Short Rant: It's Official. Everything Is Racist

Photo: BBC Online
The GAP is racist. Apparently, the GAP retailer is racist. And why? Because the young black girl posed with these other young white girls appears to be serving as an armrest to the one that isn't as stupidly positioned. And of course with any fecal loss of online SJWs, there was some cries of this picture being racially insensitive, denigrating of black people, and a bunch of other hyperbolic nonsense that left me scratching my head in bewilderment at how this could be deemed racist.

With talks of cultural appropriation, calls for diversity in Hollywood, and "safe spaces", I have simply given up on nuance and just see myself as a victim of the bogeyman, cloaked in a smile, straight blonde hair, and skin as milky as the liquid used to wipe out mistakes made on paper. But the letters are in black, so that's racist too. What? Now my office supplies are racist?

Am I mocking those individuals who feel that this photo only demonstrated young black girls as second class? Yes. Yes, I am. And I make no apologies for it. If you are someone who see racism in an innocuous photo of girls attempting to show empowerment, then you are just someone who sees racism everywhere. Not to mention, the article I linked to -- from BBC -- shows an older photo from GAP with the races reversed -- a young black girl with her arm resting on a white girl's head.

If anything, it seems that the GAP treats short people as props... that's better, I guess?

All satiric language aside, I am growing really tired of this growing culture of perpetual victims amongst our ranks. Analyzing/Critiquing/Decrying some of the most benign aspects of media, music, and popular culture... all under the guise of "inclusiveness." #OscarsSoWhite was basically about social media slacktivists protesting the lack of color in the Oscar nominees for the second year in a row, but really only one lack of color: black people. Keep in mind, there are barely any Asian actors nominated for Oscars, but there's no fuss then, now is there? No, it's some of us acting as if Will Smith not getting nominated for that godawful "Concussion" is tantamount to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

We can't live like that, black people. We are raising our children to be afraid of the ghost of virulent racism, looking for discrimination in every walk of life. And not even actual racism, but these mack daddies of first world problems that people with more than two activities in their personal lives don't give a shit about. 

This kind of crap just makes classic liberals and moderate conservatives convene in the middle and fight a growing problem: the need to condemn and censor everything "problematic." Hell, GAP has already apologized for the ad, but I've always taken issue with forcing apologies that A. are clearly not genuine, and B. are clearly not going to be accepted by the angry party, the latter of which consider apologies as victories rather than contrite moments of growth for the offending party. 

This is just yet another blurb in the blurbs that are SJW causes that just create this world of victimhood for everyone. You're a woman? The Patriarchy. You're black? Systemic oppression and racism. You're a black woman? The patriarchal system of oppression and racism. Are you LGBT? Heteronormativity indoctrination. It's like playing Where's Waldo? except Waldo is the rational person hiding among a sea of complaining social justice mobs and is being silenced by rabid dogs looking to seize on anything to feel justified in their paranoid worldview. 

In short (but really long), I don't see a problem here. I see a problem with people who are so far removed from the plight of our black forefathers and mothers who fought and died for our right to be seen as constitutionally equal to our white brothers and sisters that bullshit like this is taken as a call for racial equality. It's a fucking retailer... they're not racist. They're corporate shills that only see one color, and that's green. And that's all the GAP wants. They don't give a fuck about your skin color. 

And while I know I am not the only black person that sees much ado about nothing, I anticipate the calls of "coon" and "sellout" and "Uncle Tom" and "Idi Amin lookalike" to come when randoms happen upon this obscure blog. But, hey, I stand by my opinion and if you don't like it, start a hashtag and bitch about it. Or pray for me. See how much that changes my view. 

Okay, I'm done. 

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