Friday, October 16, 2015

Rant: Quote the Raven-Symone, Nevermore

Photo: US Magazine
Raven... girl. You are like a gift that keeps on giving that no one asked for in the first place. At this point, if something stupid doesn't leave your pressed beak, I'm taken aback. If she ain't talking about labels that somehow burden her with having to adapt to the groups that most likely identifies with (like black and gay), she's saying grade A ignorant garbage about how she would discriminate against girls with names like Watermelondrea -- which also happens to be the name of a popular character by YouTube personality Tre Melvin, who recently clapped back on your girl and went beyond HAM and straight up pig roasted for filth... #nolube #nochill

Now, it was only a matter of time before someone walked over to the Raven toilet and told the bitch it was time to flush before trying to police up someone else's shit... but LORD, I was not expecting it to be Ann fucking Coulter of all people. I haven't watched the episode of The View that she was on -- and don't plan to -- but everyone and their mama has seen the YouTube video of Ms. Symone getting her ass straight handed to her by Coulter (2:30 mark is when the ass gets dismembered and served). And she was so eager to get that question out (did you hear her? "I have a question." "I have a question." "Please notice me. I have a question." "I have something stupid to say... listen to me." 

Now, I don't know if it was the fact that Raven Symone was so caught off guard by Coulter's immediate retort highlighting her hypocrisy, or the fact the other hens also clucking on the panel couldn't even help the girl save face, all I know is, that was a read that Raven Symone has desperately needed, and it is amazing that it came from Ann Coulter... a woman with enough ice water in her veins to make even Elsa jealous. See the Hooked on Phonics read of Raven Symone here:

It just goes to show you: Don't be so quick to assume that the people you try to come for are not prepared to come back at you and lay your shit bare. Raven Symone, you have a personality as colorful as your weave, and a mind as vacant as your edges will be in 10 years if you keep messing with that yak yak. People, say what you will about Ann Coulter, but when amoral husks like her are championed for knocking you down a peg, it's time to take a moral inventory of your priorities in life... and maybe a little shutting-the-fuck-up on the side. Come on, girl... you've managed to fuck up all of my favorite Olivia and That's So Raven memes and gifs with your fuckery... and now you've made me briefly like Ann Coulter.

Do you see what you did, Raven?! You made Ann Coulter look like Buffy the Clapback Slayer!!! Fucking DONE!!

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