Thursday, September 3, 2015

Long Rant: What Is Your Deal, Kim Davis?

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Look, I don't need to say anything about this woman that hasn't been uttered over the past few weeks, but I'm not going to let that stop me from weighing in with my personal opinion over Kentucky's Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis. This woman takes bigotry to a disgusting new level, not only blatantly defying her state's Supreme Court, but the US Supreme Court as well. Continually denying couples gay and straight -- but mostly gay couples -- while wrapping herself in the warm inviting embrace of "Christian persecution. She's emphatically stated on multiple occasions that God is her final authority and that she goes by the word of God. As it has been pointed out, her multiple marriages would indicate she has a conveniently loose interpretation of the bible, given that there are multiple passages condemning divorce unless the other party cheats. Either she has bad luck in finding monogamous men, or she's following her own interpretation of the bible... like many do.

Which leads me to ask:What the fuck, Kim Davis? You've issued licenses to all kinds of people (There is the chatter about her issuing a license to a trans man and his wife but the talk of that is iffy to me as he is legally male and identifies as such so no fuss there) that weren't living in accordance to your god or your holy book, but not once did you clutch your pearls and invoke the almighty. No, you did your damn job and you didn't pry into their personal lives... why? Because it's none of your business, that's why. You're there to put your John Hancock at the bottom of the license and keep it moving, with your $80,000 a year job, paid for by the very people you feel you can deny rights to.

But what is your endgame, lady? Dan Savage made a very valid point in calling out the hypocrisy of someone married thrice-fold daring to thump the bible while pissing all over the oath of public office. So, are you waiting to cash in on playing the victim of the oh so intolerant gays who are forcing you to do your job? Because I doubt you'll see much, short of a few appearances on Fox News, or an article on TownHall, BreitBart, or CNS, proclaiming what a brave Christian woman you are. "Brave" is hardly the word I'd use for you, but it's also a five letter word that starts with "B".

I've seen the videos of you, and it is something that bugs me to no end about individuals like you: you think that if you mask your bigotry with this sweet, demure voice and that reeks of passive aggressive condescension, we're supposed to feel better about you denying licenses to tax-paying gay and lesbian couples (and the straight couples that have gotten mixed up in your nonsense). Whether you're spewing piss and vinegar or giddily singing while peppering each word with gumdrops and rainbows, discrimination is still discrimination. And your god has about as much jurisdiction in a courthouse that the other thousands of gods have; you know, the ones you don't recognize and/or have never heard of.

Enough with this shit. Seriously. Enough. So, now, you've gone to jail and the martyrdom ceremony can finally get underway. The poor picked on Christian woman who was simply standing up for her belief... it was just sadly incidental that those beliefs came at the expense of the people she was elected to serve. It will never cease to amaze me how government officials think they can take their religious doctrine into work with them and use it to tell the rest of us how to live. It takes a lot of delusion gumption to blatantly tell someone you are not giving them a marriage license as per "God's authority"... while standing in a press-filled office as a government official. A government official that should be aware by now that this nation is secular, and that no god rules supreme here. 

So again, I ask... what is your deal, Kim Davis? It's not like you were unaware that you didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the right to discriminate based on your religious beliefs. You had to have had a plan in motion from the beginning to make yourself into the face of a movement of anti-governmental tyranny. That you were going to take a stand for all of those downtrodden Christians forced to bake a cake, or take photos, or to stop being garden-variety ignoramuses. Did you want to give them hope that it was okay to say "Fuck Tha Guhment!!" while still collecting a paycheck from said government. It's funny how in your zeal to prove yourself a loyal servant of God, you sure as hell didn't mind getting that non-God sponsored money, did ya? 

Lady, you're not fooling anyone. You're a waste of time, a waste of taxpayer money, and a waste of space. You deserve every right in the world to freely practice your religion and your beliefs, and frankly it's the great thing about America that we get those rights. But, you don't seem to understand that freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion... meaning when I come down to the courthouse to get my religion-free license, I'm not interested in hearing about your church or your worship or your god. It means that you can hand me my license while grimacing at the thought of my impending journey into the agonizing sulfur pits of Fire-Bad Land. It means you can still believe with every fiber of your being that marriage is and will always be between a man and a woman... while giving a license to two men or two women.

That is the law of the land, now, ma'am. You can accept that as many other anti-gay state clerks have... or you can resign. Or stay in jail. Either way, you're no longer a nuisance for marriage equality and when you're no longer relevant on a national scale, you can look back and wonder if it was all worth it. Hopefully, you'll still be married to this current husband of yours when that time comes. 

Okay, I'm done. 

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