Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Here I'll Stay (A Love Poem)

Waking up in the morning to the smell of your hair.
The day's looking dreadful, but I don't even care.
As long as you love me, the Earth can float away.
You are here with me, and here I'll stay.

People walking by us, they sneer and disapprove.
Love's holding steadfast, and I remain unmoved.
We watch their destruction; leave them where they lay.
You are here with me and here I'll stay

I used to hide it. Didn't want to make a sound.
Now when you kiss me, I forget the world's around.
These clouds have subsided for your golden hour ray.
You are here with me and here I'll stay.

I'm not dependent. You make me feel complete.
The flicker in your eyes as I softly rub your feet.
Your heart leaves me breathless. I cannot count the ways.
You are here with me and here I'll stay.

Our families don't accept us. They say that we're a sin.
That's one more closet I won't be re-stepping in.
We don't need their blessings; a price we have to pay.
You are here with me and here I'll stay.

Things are now different. We've taken down that wall.
Nothing can stop us. We can finally have it all.
My life is entwined with yours for all of our days.
You are here with and here I'll stay.

Slide the ring on my finger, and then I do the same.
Butterflies are swelling up as I utter your name.
Our love is now cemented. It's us against the fray,
You are here with me and here I'll stay.

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