Monday, September 14, 2015

Embrace Your Life

Stayed up all night in search for a reason,
Body's defeated but mind's full of awe.
Paths bring obstructions with each passing season
The unseen are just things you never saw.

It takes a village to get rejuvenated
Last night was hard, but the morning bears fruit
So much to do, so you stayed up and waited
To finally get on the trail and continue your pursuit

So stop wasting worry, it feeds on your strife.
Get out of bed, brush your teeth, wash your face

Today's the day we take on tomorrow. Today's the day we start life a new.
And whether they doubt you
Life goes on without you
So why not dismiss them and live just for you?

Why are you scared that you may face rejection?
Fear's a deterrence that gets in the way.
Do you think a "no" will throw off your direction?
It's your road at the end of the day.

Who gives a damn about hollow detractors?
Hate fuels their mornings and warms them at night.
Transform their snide into one of many factors
That reminds you that something must be right.

Cut out all self-loathing. Excise it with a knife
Go take a chance, take a leap, don't look back

Today's the day we put down the burdens. Today's the day we fly weightlessly.
Unshackle your problems
With ways you can solve them
The fruits of you labor will shine out, wait and see. 

Break off the chains, a lifetime awaits you.
Nothing to stop you now, so EMBRACE YOUR LIFE

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