Thursday, August 13, 2015

Long Rant: Don't Worry About Gays, Black People

I'm a black man. I have had to deal with passive-aggressive racism and prejudice from non-minorities, while also dealing with being ostracized from my own black people for being gay. It's the latter which has me especially incensed, namely because we are a group that has dealt firsthand with rejection, oppression, and all around vitriol for our skin color and then turn around and do it to others without a hint of irony or hypocrisy.

And speaking of hypocrisy, allow me to direct your attention to the specimens in the right hand picture. These are the same types of bad body hoes you see at the club, asses all hanging out, three babies at home with one on the way, but will be decked out to the nine in their Sunday best at church, hooping and hollering for the lord and getting that good spiritual enema absolving them of their sins and the four DNA samples dried up under their lace-fronts. The same hoes that will get wet in the pussy watching the sex on VH1's "Hit The Floor" and all the fornicating going on there... but the minute the gay dudes have a go at it, the bible suddenly comes out and they get all sanctified

But it's not just the hoes... it's almost every aspect of black culture that feels the need to turn on the bahh-bull at certain moments, but then holiness turns to shit come time to do their own deeds. You got five baby mamas, a scar from when the herpes ravaged your dick, four felonies and an ongoing investigation, glorify gun violence and misogyny, but have the fucking gall -- the unmitigated gall and audacity -- to open your mouth talking about how you're a Christian and God says it's wrong?

Well, the bible does have its scriptures that lead me to believe that homosexuality is wrong. For instance, 1 Corinthians 6:9 states with no ambiguity that homosexuals (or men who fuck men, to be specific) will not inherit the kingdom of bible God. I get the passage thrown at me quite a lot, especially on Internet forums, and I see it a lot on websites with black content and black audiences. Two problems with that: 1. I am an atheist. I have as much use for the bible as I do for bronzer. And 2. For all your gleeful boasting about me not getting into sky daddy's big house, you overlook how in that very same passage, it has your adulterous, fornicating asses right next to mine. And I guarantee that all the dicks and pussies you've been in or had in you, there wasn't a wedding ring around your finger or even thoughts of getting married. 

You wanna use the bible? Use the fucking bible... don't pick and choose what parts you like and don't like. Don't suddenly decide that the passage you were using to condemn gets lost in translation when I can turn around and use it on you. We got a lot of shit to work on in our communities, black people, and homosexuality ain't one of them. It's not a "white man's curse"... it's something that like my skin color, I did not choose and cannot change, no matter how much I want to. Now, I can try denying it like a lot of you black girls who put every race of woman's hair on your head instead of embracing the kinky shit growing out of your own, but that only harms me in the long run. 

We can stop acting like black people with sense, who wear nice clothes, who speak eloquently, and don't subscribe to every damn black stereotype out there are sellouts... we're not. We're black. We have mirrors in our house, people. We don't need to be reminded of our melanin-enriched complexions, nor do we have to talk, act, or look a certain way to be considered black. It's amazing how much we see ratchetness, ignorance, and straight up buffoonery (WORLD STAR!!!! WORLD STAR!!!) and laugh and idolize that shit. Hell, even the non-blacks love it, because it continues to perpetuate the stereotypes. Yeah, they'll laugh at you, but they won't approve your loan or feel safe around you at night. I may be a gay atheist, but I'm not the embarrassment to the black community... I'm not the one who has to prove a damn thing to any of you. 

So you keep telling me that being gay is wrong and against your god, all while doing your own shit and then trying to claim that "The lord knows my heart." Bitch, half of Lexington and 9th knows you... same ones spreading herpes and having a bunch of kids they can't afford to be having in the first place, gangbanging, and celebrating the worst of our race want to talk about God to me? I can only speak from my limited existence, but black Christians have been the most hypocritical ones I have ever been around. It takes me back to a former friend telling me how she couldn't accept my being gay, but the bitch had two miscarriages, slept with a married man, and was raw-dogging with every dude she with, for the most part. I fucking can't with this shit anymore.

This is my thing: I make no apologies for being gay. Didn't choose it, not apologizing for it. From this point, the problem with my being gay is between the person against it and the person against it. If it sounded redundant, let me break it down further: It's YOUR problem, babe. Yours and yours alone. 

Okay, I'm done. 

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