Tuesday, July 7, 2015

God and Gay (A Poem)

The Supreme Court ruled that gays could get married.
That the burden of matrimony was one we now carried.
Social media went apeshit; the streets were flooded with cheers.
So loud, it drowned out the protesters shouting "Burn in hell, you queers!!"
The anti-gay bunch were out in droves. "We must take our rights back now!"
This rhetoric is uttered ad nauseum. We took your rights? Okay, how?
Apparently, the logic runs that assuring we have marriage equality,
Demeans the marriage of heteros, and usurps religious liberty.
I wasn't aware my relationship marked a threat to religious rights.
You think we're gonna storm the church with butt plugs and neon lights?
You go in peace and so do we. Equality is all we desire.
But step on my shoes, and I guarantee I'll fight fire with fucking fire.
Really quick to claim we're the intolerant ones for pushing against the fray.
I'm not the one pushing legislature that forces you to accept my being gay.
"I don't want to know about your sex life. The 'agenda' needs to stop."
Yet you keep making it all about sex. FYI, I'm a versatile top.
We're not trying to pass ballot initiatives that force you to accept our lives.
But keep calling us the degenerates while you sleep around on your wives.
I'm tired of hypocrites with bibles thinking they have the moral upper hand.
That book in your hand is your personal guide, and not the law of the land.
Your religious freedoms begin with you, and that's also where they end.
And spare me the crap about loving the sinner, but hating the dreadful "sin".
Sin is nothing more than a concept, constructed and dictated by man.
I'm godless and have as much use for "sin", as my black ass does for a tan.
We don't want to convert your children, we don't want to destroy your church.
We're not cackling at your "defeat" from atop our faggot perch.
It's marriage we wanted, and equality, and neither affects your life.
But accusations of lust and pedophilia cut deeply like a knife.
I don't want to fuck your little kids. I don't want your little boys.
I don't even want kids my damn self. Who the hell can stand that noise?
The only thing I want is to know I can have the same rights as you.
Having those has no bearing on you or your draconian worldview.
Get over it. You've lost. We can now get married anytime and anywhere.
Still think marriage is man and woman? You can think that. I don't care.
Just know that what you think and feel is your hangup and yours alone.
Keep your gods in your house and imagination. And out of my house and home.

The war for equality is far from over, but at least one battle has been won.
But the "battle" for Christ is fiction. You'll live, fundies. Okay, I'm done.

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