Monday, June 22, 2015

Long Rant: Islam

It's a fucked up ideology, okay? On paper, it's as fucked up as it's older Abrahamic sisters Judaism and Christianity (with the former offering up some of the most violent and immoral text of the god) and offers very little in terms of modern age morality. If anything, it is because we as humans evolved with the need for societal constructs that were contingent on communal cohesiveness that we were able to move past much of the divisive text that exists within many holy doctrines, and Islam is no different. There's a reason why Muslims in America are for the most part nonviolent people: secularism. 

We live in a country where no holy book is the law of the land and the rights of others are not up to a popular vote. Granted, we are constantly bombarded with lunatics in Congress attempting to wipe their ass with our godless constitution and usurp secular law with biblical law, but we have been diligent in keeping these nutjobs at bay. And by we, I mean liberals and conservatives. We liberals are at the front line when it comes to calling out Christian wackos when they attempt to rob a woman of her reproductive rights, or when they launch attack after attack against us in the LGBT world. But, we call them out, atheists and Christian alike. It's only when the mirror is turned on to fundamentalist Muslims that the waters become murky.

"Not all Muslims are terrorists." "You can't lump an entire group of people into one box." Great... thanks for telling me something I already know. Islam has the same problem that Christianity and Judaism have: Even if the people are peaceful, the text by and large is not. Christianity has the New Testament, the most docile of the three, and even then, it's form of passive aggressiveness leaves minute room for admiration. Of course, I could go into how Christians have both the Old and New Testament to deal with, considering that the New does not make much sense without the Old, but that's not my point of contention.

My point is this: the peacefulness of the people does not negate the ideology they follow. It is one thing to say that radical/fundamentalist Muslims are taking the Koran out of context and another to say they are not real Muslims. I am all No True Scotsmanned out, and frankly, trying to separate yourself from one branch of your faith does not remove the passages from the holy book that give these individuals the blessing and permission they need to brutally murder and attack individuals... and for what? Drawing Muhammad? Daring to leave the religion? Having the gall to say something negative about Islam? It is nonsense, and it is nonsense that liberals need to contest and fight back against.

Can one criticize a religion and call it barbaric while respecting the rights of those that follow it? Absolutely. Does one who speaks out against the radical jihadists and beheadings also then condone unprovoked attacks against Muslims who have done nothing wrong and are just living like you and me? Absolutely not. You don't need to tell me how disgusting it is that there are Muslims being discriminated against and attacked for simply having a faith that is currently number 1 in terrorist attacks worldwide. I mean, that's just the truth. We can debate the true motives of the reason for these attacks (political, economical, poverty, etc.), but at the core, Islam is the linking factor. 

If we can easily call out the Christian right for constantly attempting to uphold the bible in a country that does not even adhere to it, why so mum on the Muslim fundamentalists? Why the need for "nuance" when discussing Charlie Hebdo? Or the attempted Garland massacre? Why do we skate around calling it what it is? It's a sad day when Fox News gets it (somewhat) right more on the issues of Islam than CNN or MSNBC... although I think at this point, only the staff at MSNBC watch the channel. It's sad that we as liberals can be for free speech, female liberation, LGBT equality, and opportunities for the downtrodden, but then turn around and defend Islamic radicalism because apparently, criticizing a fucked up ideology is racist... even though religion is not something you are born with, and can change at any time. 

I don't know much about the religion of Islam, but my eyes work just fine, and when you have groups like Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko
Haram, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban (there are more), you have to stop and wonder why so many terrorist organizations emerge from the "religion of peace." Oh, and by the way for those of you who do actually think it's ALL Muslims: Stop fucking telling all Muslims that they need to come out and condemn every single terrorist attack as though they implicitly condone it... although you'd be surprised how high the numbers are in regards to moderate Muslims that do -- to some degree -- sympathize with extremists. 

Islam, you're a fucking mess. I am an atheist and anti-theist, and see no redeeming factor of the religion, or any other religion for that matter. They retard the mind, giving people a false sense of security while offering pipe dreams of an afterlife and whittle human nature down to hocus pocus woo woo sky daddy bullshit. I am also a realist, and will likely be dead before the majority of the world wakes up to the infantile belief systems that are better suited for Aesop fables than guide books on morality. I don't like the religion of Islam, but have no ill will towards the individuals of that faith who are simply living along with the rest of us. I don't respect any religion that subjugates women, allows for the mistreatment of LGBT people, and allows people to piss away the one life they have over a false promise of eternity. If Judaism, the oldest of the Abrahamic faiths, can undergo such a drastic reformation that what they represent now is almost in direct contrast with their doctrine, then why the hell is demanding a reformation in Islam such a terrible thing? Why is it met with scorn and accusations of Islamophobia? That's not a real thing, FYI... as the chorus to one of my favorite songs go:

I ain't afraid of your Yahweh
I ain't afraid of your Allah
I ain't afraid of your Jesus
I'm afraid of what you do in the name of your god.

Okay, I'm done.

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