Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Are We LGBT Becoming Too Militant?

In answer to the title question... yes. Some of us are most definitely growing increasingly aware of a new tide of anti-LGBT legislation coming from the right-wing nut jobs who themselves are anticipating the inevitability of marriage equality surely to come by the end of summer. As our movement has grown bigger, so have our cajones, and certain things that we were forced to deal with from long ago are unacceptable now, and we'll let you know from the jump.

Now, as an avid -- damn near obsessive -- reader of all things Queerty, I've seen a few articles on their site, like this one and this one highlighting the division between the liberal-leaning gay community, and the conservative-leaning gay community -- both predominantly white-oriented communities, mind you, but that's neither here nor there.

This good-looking (ish) nerdy guy is Guy Benson, an editor at right-wing bile spewing online sewage bin, and also one of many of Fox News' resident tokens-- you need someone black to say how black people are bad? You get one of the handful (and I mean literally you can count on one hand the black people you see) of black people on Fox News to do it. You want to say women are ball-busting feminazis bent on emasculating and clipping male peens all around? You get one of the many inexplicably interchangeable leg-crossed vixens that Fox News calls anchors to do it. And if you need an LGBT individual to call us intolerable, militant, and bullyish... you get this asshole here. Guy Benson is so enamored with the many issues that conservative Republicans are trying to resolve in Congress -- gutting Obamacare but offering no alternative, quashing the war on women by passing legislation that limits their reproductive rights, trying to lower the deficit and debt by attempting to destroy talks of peace with Iran and ensure another costly war of epic proportions -- he is simply not to be bothered when it comes to gay rights.

Let him tell it, gays are too damn intolerant of anything that does not fit our narrative. We want him to be a swishing, flaming, queening homo, and damn anyone that says otherwise. And you know what? To a degree, he has a point. As I said from the start, there are a few instances where we can be militant, and when I say we, I don't mean the "gay community", as I regard the "gay community" as just gay people in general; we aren't an actual community and we don't speak for population of gays and lesbians in America or anywhere else. If some of us happen to agree with the words coming out of the mouths of others, so be it. But just because we can agree in one instance does not mean we will in another. But his point is squashed by the fact that he aligns himself with a group that not only displays its intolerance proudly, but uses anti-LGBT sentiment as a selling point among their target audience.

I for one agree that conservatives are notoriously anti-gay and while there has been instances of growing awareness, a reformation of their "Good ole boy" ways are far and few between. There is nothing wrong with being an LGBT conservative that holds those ideals, traditions and values of the conservative ideology. But, don't piss on me and tell me it's raining, talking about how those of us that are opposed to those "values" are intolerant. How dare we be intolerant of intolerant views that say we do not deserve the right to marry, or to even be treated like a regular fucking human being? How dare we look at you as self-hating idiots who are defending the very people that continue to be a road block to full equality?

You know what is funny? As soon as you point out the idiocy of pushing the movement of a group that maligns and keeps us open to discrimination, you get the counter of being snark-filled, hateful, vitriolic, you name it. Granted, sometimes the comments are definitely lacking in substance and are beacoup ad-hominem, but sometimes you don't want to clean the shit off the walls... sometimes you want to throw shit, too. The all-time favorite claim of how we're supposed to be this diverse group, which means accepting everyone for who they are... bull-fucking-shit!!

That's just as idiotic as saying that we should open our ranks to racists just because it's a "different point of view (although racism, I contend, is a lot more acceptable in certain subsets of gay culture than being a conservative; passive aggressive racism is still racism). We're not just talking about diverse opinions... we're talking about a group that has time and time again proven that it does not give a damn about anything not white, male, Christian, straight, or war-hungry. A group that only pulls out the "we even have gay conservatives" card when they need to... and only when they need to; ask the Log Cabin Republicans or GOProud if the GOP still looks at them as credible (hint: they don't).

If your only comeback to name-calling is "look how mean you are", then congratulations: we're all missing the point. Am I militant because I pepper my counters with saltiness? Am I militant because I no longer have patience for condescending double talk from people who are always bitching about other sides not being tolerant of them dragging their feet on LGBT rights? Am I militant because I see Guy Benson as another self-loathing version of fellow self-loather Chris Barron that will keep his distance from gay issues but then partake in the benefits of them when others do the dirty work? I guess so... what can I say? I am as anti-bullshit as much as I am pro-equality.

But, hold the fuck up fellow liberals. A lot of you have a tendency to sweep every contrarian thing said under a rug as bigotry or as an attack on us, and in doing so, you alienate fellow allies, liberal, open-minded conservatives, or otherwise. If one does not believe gay marriage is right but still believes that we deserve the same rights as them which includes marriage, then count it as a win and move on with your life. Stop trying to control what other people say and what they believe down to the letter... it's fucking stupid and it demonstrates what many conservatives say about the "militant gay agenda." Believe me, I've been on the receiving end of that totalitarian PC bullshit, so it's not like they're way off. We don't all think the same... it'd be a boring ass world if we did. And besides, a lot of you get so caught up in first world problems, we completely take for granted many of the rights and freedoms that we have that individuals in other countries are literally dying to get.

Look, if being "militant" means calling a spade a spade, then count me in as a militant gay. If you want to cry about militant gays not being tolerant, by all means, cry about it. But, then, I'm going to need you to demonstrate how your movement is better, gay conservatives. Tell me, Benson, is gay rights not an issue of yours because it truly isn't, or because it's not an issue of your brethren? It's an "obstacle", as you say, but it's a big damn obstacle that you aren't willing to take on, even though you'll claim that conservatives are more tolerant of your homosexuality than us on the left. I got news for you, man: just because none of you address it doesn't mean they tolerate you. It means that all is fine as long you never mention it, cause a fuss, or get stupid and start wanting little things... like equality.

Okay, I'm done.

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