Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rant: Race Issues

Yes, some black people steal. Yes, some black people kill. Yes, some black people evade police. Yes, some black people perpetually screw the "system" while enjoy the fruits of the taxpayers' labor. Guess what? So does every other freaking race in America. You tell me why you can sit there with a straight face and justify a man being shot in the back five times by an officer who blatantly lied about his life being in danger. You tell me how this entire ordeal would have played out had an individual not been there videotaping the last minutes of a man's life as bullets pierced his body with reckless abandon. 

Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Walter Scott may not be your ideal victims with spotless records, but these were still men gunned down while having no weapons of their own. Men seen as nothing but statistics, and had the latter not had indisputable video footage showing an officer raising his gun and firing at a man running away, we would have another issue of a cop claiming his life was in danger and the media fanning the flames of racial tension. CNN and MSNBC whoring out the families and "experts", while Fox News continued ignoring it until the spin can be made, knowing that their monochromatic, geriatric, uninformed base wants one narrative and one only: Obama dividing the nation with race... because apparently having racism thrown at him and addressing racial imbalances is somehow the real racism. 

Try spinning this shit now, Fox News... Glenn Beck... Rush Limbaugh... Laura Ingram... Ann Coulter, you soulless cunt. Come on, Sean Hannity, invite another guest and then refuse to let them speak, you self-righteous blowhard.

Okay, I'm done. 

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