Friday, March 20, 2015

Short Rant: Yahoo Comments Section

Have you ever read an article on Yahoo's page? It's a pretty harmless act... you click on it, get your news, and if need be, access one of the many hyperlinks usually embedded -- often highlighted -- within the text. Here's another question: Have you ever went below the article and viewed the comments? Any semblance of goodness and hope for humanity you may have will be erased upon reading the most replied to and highest rated comments.

Yahoo's comment section has become is a mecca -- a bastion of sorts -- for evangelical Christian, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and downright vile commenters to spew some of the most egregious things they can imagine, all in the comfort of the anonymous ether of the Internet. Seriously... look at the comment section on anything with "gay", "Obama", or "Immigration" in it, and be amazed at the level of right-wing lunacy going on. It's the kind of vitriol that would make even the most ardent Fox News host take a step back and go, "Fuck, these people are nuts."

And Yahoo does nothing to stop it, most likely because at this point, they cannot. Many users issue death threats and go unchallenged by the Terms and Services people; it's not until you report them time after time, are the accounts done away with, only to return under a different pseudonym... or sometimes the same one (Talking to you, "nate"... watermelon picture, racist diatribes and all).

And then they all sound the same. Identical, to the point where you are almost sure you are talking to one person manning four different accounts, which is usually the case with a lot of them. It is just a sad state of events for Yahoo, as I still go there for news, but the masochistic pick-at-the-scab voyeur in me has to keep clicking "View Comments"... and it's never disappointing in how disappointing it is to see human beings that venomous and unabashedly hateful.

Get your shit together, Yahoo... you still deliver in news and are my first go-to place for it, but that can change easily. I'm not saying get rid of the comment section because I love watching free exchange of ideas, but you know what? Take away the comfort of total anonymity and watch the quality of comments increase. People are less inclined to be homophobic, racist, xenophobic, and all in all stupid when you can put a face and a name to it.

Okay, I'm done. 

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