Sunday, March 22, 2015

Short Rant: Why I Love Religious Movies

God's Not Dead? Heaven Is For Real? These are movies driven towards a Christian audience and have a broad and all encompassing message: Atheists are assholes, and Christians in America are under attack from "liberal PC propaganda." And I love it. These movies embolden their hardcore fundamentalist base while providing atheists with all the ammo they could ever need in the dismantling of the American right-wing persecution complex Fox News throat fucks its geriatric demographic with on a nightly basis. And now the new Do You Believe? follows in the same fallacious vein of God's Not Dead, except this time, it's in a hospital. The preview is linked below, but I'll just tell you now that it's one of those previews were 1), if you've seen God's Not Dead, you can skip this one, and 2), if you watch the preview, you've pretty much seen the whole movie. But I'll gladly wait for the secular bloggers and YouTubers to give their take on this self-masturbatory fest for evangelical Christians when they get around to it.


Okay, I'm done.

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