Sunday, March 8, 2015

Short Rant: People in Fast Food Restaurants

1. So you were in front of me, three people ahead of you, and yet you never bothered to look at the damn menu while you were waiting in line? "Let me get an uhhhhhhhhh......" So now my black ass has to wait for you to figure out what the hell you want, when I knew before I even left the house.

2. Bitch, if you don't see it on the menu, don't order it. Don't ask them why they don't have it... you think he gives a shit? Do you think anyone besides your dumb ass gives a shit?? Yes, bitch, the Shamrock shake is only available for a limited time... at McDONALDS!! We're in TACO BELL!!!

3. No pickles, mayo on the side, run the burger through the grill twice, lightly toast the buns, and the ketchup should only be on the bottom of the patty? Are you joking? You do know you just ordered a 99 cent burger, right? You want five-star restaurant treatment on a 1 dollar patty? You're gonna get the same thing the rest of us get... with the possible addition of boogers and fingernail clippings.

4. Okay, so Tim got your order wrong. A normal person would just take it back through the window, tell them what they got wrong, and then the server would fix it. A normal person WOULDN'T go in there screaming at the servers, freaking the fuck out over somebody putting pickles on your chicken sandwich (unless you're allergic), and then proceed to toss shit around.

5. Don't suck me into your shit. If you want to be rude to service, be my guest, but don't look back at me to validate your ignorant existence, because I'm either trying to back up away from you, or backing away so that when your theatrics end up on World Star Hip Hop, people don't think we know each other.

Okay, I'm done.

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