Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Short Rant: Ex-Gay

Apparently, if I call you [ex-gay] deluded and promoting self-harm, I'm being intolerant, instead of just pointing out the obvious. By all means, live your life as you see fit, but don't piss in my mouth and tell me it's lemonade. You're only trying to convince yourself that you're not gay anymore, and not even you are fooled by it. Ask yourself why it's so much of a struggle for you to remain on the straight and narrow (pun intended) but for every other straight person, it's an effortless movement? Can one of you make an argument for ex-gay therapy that isn't deep-fried and sprinkled in religion? Just because you can't separate your traumatic life from sexual orientation doesn't give one iota of credence to your sexuality being wrong. Ever stopped to think that those morons in your ear telling you your whole life that what you are is evil and disgusting could have contributed to your current mindset? Ever stopped to think that you being promiscuous has nothing to do with your sexuality and everything to do with you just being a big ole ho'? With all evidence pointing towards ex-gay therapy being smoke and mirrors and you still flocking to it shows that it's possible that when it comes to brains, you might be one piece of toast shy of a complete breakfast. 

Okay, I'm done.

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