Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Short Rant: Aaron Schock Goes Down... And Resigns

Not the way I expected you to leave Congress, but I'm not mad at your departure. With a career marred by controversy, from robbing your taxpaying citizens blind for private jets and Katy Perry concerts, to the glass closet you live in and spotless record on LGBT rights -- voting against those rights that is -- you have made quite the name for yourself. Too bad it wasn't a good name, and too bad your 4 stints in Congress won't be remembered for anything other than your being the Downton Abbey loving closet case who had the body of an Adonis, the scruples of a serial killer, and the sex appeal of an open autopsy. The fact that you had even one term in Congress, let alone four, perplexes me. Oh, well... all that's left is to await your coming out, now that you don't have that pressure to vote in line with your Republican constituents. 

But, then again, I hope I'm wrong and you aren't gay, being that it would make you the most vile human being imaginable and your hypocritical and injurious actions indefensible. At any rate:

Okay, I'm done. 

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