Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rant: People Who Say Being Gay Is A Choice

Are we still doing this in 2015? So after every major medical organization in America went on record as stating it isn't a choice, to you, it's still a choice? Right... so LGBT individuals in Nigeria, Uganda and parts of the Middle East are choosing to be maligned, oppressed, persecuted, and murdered when they could easily just "stop it." We could pray it away... try really hard to not be that way... do more sports. But, ultimately we choose this lifestyle... lifestyle!! Because being gay is a "lifestyle". You come out of the closet, move to San Francisco, get your welcome basket complete with manuals on converting children, and go terrorize the townspeople!! The easiest comeback to nonsense like gay being a choice is "When did you choose to become straight?", but of course you'll dodge that... you'll counter with "The choice is in acting on those feelings"...Well, golly-fucking gee whiz!!!

So now, it's kinda a choice, but kinda not a choice. Because I can't choose to be attracted to men, but I can choose not to act on that attraction. Great... now, why the fuck would I ever live a life like that? Devoid of any kind of affection and love and sexual pleasure because it makes you feel icky to see two men and/or two women (but really two men and butch lesbians) showing affection towards one another. Denying myself the same life that individuals such as yourself can live with no social stigmas placed on you or where you sleep at night. 

Spare me your religious nonsense, because that is your justification. It's not that you don't think there's a possibility that people are born gay... it's that if science were to ever demonstrate that fact, it'd be yet another nail in the coffin of religious dogmatism. Just one more fact those "enlightened" Jewish goat herders in the desert got wrong about the human condition -- although they don't write much about it anyway. We have to choose to be gay because then it makes it that much harder to serve a god who supposedly creates people with the very thing he considers abominable. It wouldn't make logical sense, would it? Kind of a like a god who knows everything there is to know and will ever know, but still created this fucked up world and knew who'd be going to Heaven or Hell before they were even born... no sense, right?

In the end, if you think being gay is a choice, choose it. For a day, a week, or even a year. I won't be there for you, though... and that's my obligatory Friends reference for the decade. On a final note, though, I'd like to say this: If you are the kind of person who believes that you can choose to be attracted to the opposite sex over the same sex, there are likely two things going on here: You are 1.)an ignorant bisexual, or 2.) you are a repressed homosexual. OR... 3.) you're a fucking moron. OR... 4.) a combination of 3 with 1 or 2. Take your pick.

Okay, I'm done.

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