Friday, March 27, 2015

Long Rant: Why Creationism Is Dishonest

Creationism is a long-winded false narrative posited by pseudo-intellectual theists banking on your scientific ignorance and failure to keep up with the tossing of word salad from their lying mouths. It sets itself up as an alternative to evolution -- or a "teach the controversy" extension of the scientific theory of evolution -- small problem, though: there is no controversy, and creationism is hardly an alternative.

Long story short, creationism has no merit, no scientific evidence, no research, no peer-reviewed reports, and most importantly, almost every argument/analogy they have ever presented has been thoroughly debunked, and yet creationists continue throwing them out as if just maybe, one of us have not heard it. 

The entire "field" of this religion in a lab coat exists for one reason: not to lend credence to the idea that there is "intelligent design" in the universe (therefore an Intelligent Designer that we're just supposed to believe isn't bible sky daddy), but to poke holes in scientific knowledge that currently exists. Get it straight: there is nothing wrong with skepticism and question existing knowledge; hell, the field of science exists to prove itself wrong so as to find the correct answers. But, poo pooing on evolution won't lend an iota of credence to creationism.

That is where these individuals drop the ball. They can disprove evolution tomorrow and rock the entire scientific world with the undoing of the process of change over time. How does that prove then that a god did it? It doesn't... but, we're not supposed to pay attention to that tidbit. It'd be like saying proving that Lake Erie wasn't filled with rainwater, and then saying, "Therefore, Storm from the X-Men came along and manipulated Michigan's weather pattern... totally believable, right?

Creationism, instead of focusing on hard science that you will never disprove and that you would understand if you would intentionally stop playing dumb, you should be getting together and trying to find evidence for your unfounded claims. Science develops a hypothesis and works to finding evidence that either leads to that hypothesis being correct, or to a different line of evidence that shows something else altogether. Creationism starts at the conclusion that "God did it"... and then looks for anything that can be jammed into that unfounded assertion.

 Just stop doing this, because we know and you know that there is nothing there to find... no merits, no science, not even good guesses. Just empty sayings that mimic the death rattle of a movement that is very much aware of its imminent demise.

Okay, I'm done.  

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