Saturday, February 28, 2015

Short Rant: Kelly Osbourne Is Full of It

Image result for kelly osbourne     Girl, who do you think you're fooling? That quitting BS was in the works long before your fellow co-host/Skeletor's hot sister Giuliana Rancic made that bad joke about Zendaya and her now-gone dreadlocks. On top of that, to have that little Twitter bitch-fit about it as if it was the worst thing you had ever heard someone on Fashion Police say when the show's fallen commander Joan Rivers -- may she rest in peace -- said even more offensive and more salacious stuff, all while being unapologetically mean and brass. Just admit it, girl... the producers were ready to give that purple head a pink slip long ago. And frankly, I'm a little confused as to how you even got on that show, considering your fashion sense was about as on point as Michael J. Fox at a dart throwing contest. Or maybe you know what we all know, and that as far as your former show is concerned.... tick tock. So now we're left with a stick figure, a screeching comedian, and a gay man. And then there's Brad and Giuliana... hey-o!!! Good luck, girl. You'll never find anything of this caliber again, but good luck. Oh, and shoutout to you, Katy Perry, and Jenna Marbles. Don't let anyone tell you that purple hair on women over or pushing 30 is pathetic. They're just jealous... and correct.

Okay, I'm done. 

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