Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gay Marriage Is Here... Deal With It

Like premature ejaculation, gay marriage is coming, and it's coming fast. But, like a prude with a face full of quick jizz, the right wing nuts just will not stop complaining. And for what? How many times can one keep soldiering on with the same ad-hoc bullshit that court after court has either struck down as unfounded or laughed into oblivion before opening arguments even began? But their arguments, much like ant mills, keep going in circles flailing blindly until they die a miserable death. Arguments, such as:

Marriage is an institution established by God between a man and a woman. 

The atheist in me goes: 

The gay man in me goes:

Look, man... whatever goes down between you and your god du jour is between you and that particular deity, but frankly, I don't give a flying fuck who you're getting down on your knees to service in your personal life. Jesus, Krishna, Vishnu, Cthulhu, Odin, Ra, Oprah, take your pick; none of them define my existence or my possible marriage to the man in my future. You don't get to legislate your doctrinal views and beliefs and expect me to adhere to them; to do so is the epitome -- and defining example -- of bigotry.

Gays are trying to redefine marriage. You know, I'm still trying to figure out how allowing us gays and lesbians to have our unions equally recognized under state and federal laws somehow turns the "definition" of marriage on its head. Admittedly, the definition of marriage as it has been throughout the centuries will change, but newsflash: It's been changing since recorded history. The definition of marriage is expanding to gay and lesbian couples, but by no means is it being redefined. Marriage is very much still between a man and a woman, but will now be extended to man and man and woman and woman. And, if that somehow redefines or threatens your marriage, one of you in that pairing needs to examine your priorities in life... and then come out of the closet.

Marriage is for rearing of children. Get the fuck outta here!! As a gay man, I'm not the biggest SME on heterosexual sex, save the couple of times I did it in my early 20's and porn, but I'm pretty sure SEX is how babies are made. How does marriage play a part in that, aside from giving some people a self-imposed green light to go hump crazy?? New Mexico's Supreme Court shot this nonsense down perfectly, as marriage has never been a deterrent from procreation, nor has it ever been a requirement to marry. Not to mention, many of the tax benefits married couples partake in apply to the couple, not their children or hypothetical children.

Did we mention God? Yes, bigot... you did. 

Take note, Alabama and the remaining states: You all share an intrinsic link of being against gay marriage, as well as desegregation and interracial couples marrying. Whether you have some biblical stance, basic moral opposition, or are being driven good ole fashioned ignorance, the changing tide is all too apparent, and your asses can either catch the wave, or drown in your own prejudiced bile. You backwards thinking ignoramuses have gone on long enough having your discriminatory practices unchallenged, now having the unmitigated gall to claim YOU are being persecuted? You're not being persecuted, dimwits... you're being called out!!

Was that too mean?

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