Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Am A Moral Person

Nope, no pretext. Just some simple, no bullshit reasons why I am a moral person.

1. Why the fuck wouldn't I be? Seriously, what is so damn hard about being a good person just for the sake of being a good damn person? Does being a good person need an actual reward, or are you just that big of egotistical dick that you need your salad tossed because you were a decent human being for two seconds?

2. Because I was raised right. And when I say I was raised right, I mean I was given parameters for what was right and what was wrong, so much to the point that when I was told things that went against what I learned was right or wrong, it caused me to engage in critical thinking. There was trial and error when growing up. I hurt other little kids without really grasping the severity of my actions until I saw it firsthand with a boy I pushed down and made cry because it hurt him badly. I truly felt this horrible remorse that I had never felt before and it was then I realized that I was hurting someone (but not in that context... I was only 8 for fuck's sake). My own internal morality made it difficult for me to lie, and for me to do something I knew was wrong and feel right about it. I wasn't raised perfect but I will say that I was given the tools to make moral decisions.

3. My morality agrees with my society's collective ideals. Some of the same principles I hold myself to are what society demands of its people. We come together to help each other in a time of disaster and need. We are not to look down on others who are less fortunate, dismissing them as too weak to deserve acknowledgement. On top of our personal morality, we have a societal morality that combine those of different belief systems and customs. You may be prejudiced towards someone of a different race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or gender, but if that person were in dire need of assistance, we have a system designed for everyone to benefit from, not just those who fall in line with our moralistic views.

4. Life's too short  to be a dick. Until one of these religions proves otherwise, we only get this one life. You can spend it being a complete asshole and putting your own needs before everyone else's, but that's not how I plan to spend my time. Imagine hurting all those around you just because you feel morally superior and you think you can. Life is unpredictable; you may find yourself dying a happy dick, or dying a lonely and sad dick. But I'd rather just live my life being as upstanding a citizen as possible just to show future generations that being a smarmy douchebag isn't always the best route to go. I think much of that working itself into our younger generations.

5. Because without a religion, I have a better moral code. That's right. I went there. Religion may work for some people, but it definitely did not work for me. There were just some things contained within the bible that I could not reconcile with my own morality. The only way I could seriously accept the bible as truth was by not reading it. And even then, my skepticism grew until some unfortunate incidents led me to doubt my faith, which in turn led me to reading the bible. It was at that point my faith left me entirely and I knew this was not real. But there I was, not yet an admitted atheist who could not believe the Christian god was real anymore, but still my morality remained intact. I didn't feel an urge to kill, or steal, or rape, or harm anyone. And finally, when I openly admitted my atheism, this overwhelming sense of peace came over me.

I am a moral person because we live in a society where our individual need are not paramount to societal need, although they are important. I am a moral person because I don't need a god or a book to tell me that hurting someone is wrong. I am a moral person because in 30 years of existence -- with hopefully longer --  life has handed me valuable lessons on self-sacrifice, maturity and being a well rounded person. Is my morality perfect? Of course not... I will make mistakes and I will do things considered immoral by others and myself. But as long I maintain a moral code that is not only self-correcting and self-aware, I can allow myself to live in as objective a reality as my subjective mindset will allow.

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