Monday, February 3, 2014

Questions For Creationists

After looking at videos from noted Creationists Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, Kent Hovind and his son Eric Hovind, and Matt Slick, I have some general questions for this bunch, but if other Creationists can answer these, I'm all ears:

1. Why do you rely so heavily on what hasn't been discovered and what is currently unknown to make your cases for an Intelligent Designer?

2. Why do you conveniently between deism and theism, with deism to describe this "causeless, intelligent designing agent", and then back to theism with "We call this agent 'God'"?

3. What is the argument for Creationism without The Theory of Evolution as a comparison point?

4. How do you make a distinction between a god that exists beyond time and space and one that doesn't exist at all?

5. What methodology or criteria do you use to identify creation in nature, our bodies, and the universe?

6. Are there any experiments with Creationism that can be put through the scientific method and falsified?

Hopefully, I get some answers in the comment section, and while my manner of writing may seem flippant to Creationism and Creationist, any genuine response would be greatly appreciated. Okay, I'm done.

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