Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm Entitled To My Opinion... Or Am I?

I remember one day in school, we were having a discussion in class and our teacher asked our opinion on a matter that I can't even recall; what stuck out was how quickly it escalated into a yelling match between students with differing views. What stood out to me the most was that you had so many in the classroom yelling stuff out at each other, someone reacting negatively, and the constant defense of, "That is my opinion and I am entitled to my opinion." That would, for the most part, put a kibosh on the whole back and forth for a moment. Towards the end, my teacher interjected, "Opinions are like buttholes: Everyone has one and they all stink." As a young kid, I thought that was so funny and true, but as time went along, it stopped being so funny and more harshly true as this defense was being used to defend things that weren't as black and white or that were flat out absurd. Here is where "I'm entitled to my opinion" fails:

It is a red herring.

I don't give a damn if your opinion is that gay marriage is wrong or that the earth is only 6,000 years old. But, if you're going to have an opinion, at least have the intestinal fortitude to defend it. Don't just throw out "I'm entitled to my opinion" and think you've won the argument. You haven't... the only thing you've done is highlight your opinion entitlement, not whether or not your opinion is based on anything substantial. When saying "I'm entitled to my opinion", the only thing you have established is that regardless of your opinion, you're entitled to have it; well, who the fuck is questioning that?

It is completely irrelevant.

Listen to this: Women are bottom feeding, freeloading parasites who just pop out kids to trap a man, sponge off of the government, or a combination of both.They are emotionally unstable and should never hold any position in an office environment unless it's at a receptionist desk or under her boss's desk on her knees. But, don't come at me for saying that because... I'm entitled to my opinion. Now, do you think anyone gives two steaming piles of rat feces that you're "entitled" to have that opinion? Maybe misogynistic asswipes who agree with that sentiment, but to any other rationally sane person, you're a moron who is just spouting off nonsense.

There's no bulletproof vest on opinions.

In other words, saying you are entitled to your opinion doesn't make it immune from scrutiny or criticism. If you think just saying, "Because I am a [insert belief system here], I believe that marriage is between a man and woman and that my personal beliefs should be taught in public schools" should not be challenged, you're a nut. Let's ignore the fact that you are clearly rearranging the wording in that statement to where it sounds completely assertive as fact and not opinion. Why do you think that because these are your personal beliefs, they are automatically free from any further analyzing and judging? I hear this constantly from those who complain that they are tired of their beliefs being ridiculed and that they want them to be held to the same high standard as any other confirmed system of fact. Well, tough shit. That's not how opinions work, and you should know this by now.

Just be honest: When you say "I'm entitled to my opinion", you don't give a damn about being right or being wrong. You just want to say whatever the hell you want without being challenged or having to justify it. I mean, hell, I'm entitled to believe that the moon is made of toe jam, dick cheese, and old dried up tampons, but does that make it a valid opinion? If you said yes, go fuck yourself, because you're an idiot. Okay, I'm done.

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