Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why I As a Gay Man Love Homophobes

So here's the deal: I don't actually support them, per se. I think homophobes are individuals who, for whatever reason, have seriously warped hangups about sexuality (generally their own) and have this incessant need to obsess about the bedroom antics of gays and lesbians. Unless one of us is asking you to peak in and look at us bumping and grinding, why are you so damn fixated on where we are putting this and that and in whom are we putting it? I do, however, not only support their first amendment rights -- which you find are often irrelevantly brought up when their comments are challenged -- but I encourage them to say the BS that they do. Why? Because it keeps the debate going, it demonstrates the evolving stance on gay relationships in America, and furthermore, as an atheist, it makes me feel good to see more and more people waking up to the outdated nonsense in the bible and slowly but surely dismissing the scripture as a valid reason for being against gay rights. But let's go a little further than that.

As an avid fan of reading pop culture (not necessarily experiencing any of it), I enjoy brushing up on the latest trends in music, television and movies, just to see how out of touch I have become. With the new wave of progress the country has made in regards to anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT community and gay marriage in 2013, one could say it was only a matter of time before there a was push back on the forefront of the anti-LGBT population. Now, despite the massive support for gay marriage from the younger generation of American voters, the opponents' numbers are still large and still very influential, something they were very quick to demonstrate after the scandal involving Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson clan and star of A&E's mega hit reality show Duck Dynasty. I don't think you need me to reiterate what he said so I won't go there. What I will say, though, was that the fallout was quick and severe. Robertson's loyal fanbase of like-minded devout Christians were not about to silently sit back and watch Phil Robertson's "free speech" get trumped on by us "intolerant gay deviants" (If you Google any Yahoo article about Phil Robertson, feel free to view the comment below..at your own risk).

Facebook pages began to surface, all supporting Phil Robertson's "biblical morality". And it wasn't just a few likes here and there. Hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of people were liking these pages supporting his vile statements about homosexuality (namely gay men... lesbians seem to get a pass from a lot of anti-gay men). But the support does not just end with Phil Robertson. In what seemed to be like a wave of openly vitriolic anti-gay sentiment in America, another Facebook page (bigots love their Facebook, apparently), outrage over the Rose Bowl's decision to include a wedding ceremony between a same-sex couple (pictured on the right) caused conservative Republican (and hate-mongering bitch) Karen L. Grube to start a page dedicated to boycotting the Rose Parade. As her page states, "The Rose Parade shouldn't be used by gay activists to support the gay agenda, and a rose parade float is no place to flagrantly display a wedding float." I could go on, but I think that says it all.

What with current Bachelor hunk Juan Pablo Galavis commenting on if gay people should be on the hit show, and stating his less than enlightened opinion on the matter, and now with One Direction group member Liam Payne's support for the Duck Dynasty show and its "family values" (I've heard that before...and it always involved something either archaic or discriminatory) sparked outrage among fans, and a brief Twitter feud with YouTube personality and self-proclaimed "fangirl" of One Direction, Tyler Oakley. Wow... barely a full month into the new year, and now we have multiple accounts of people demonstrating their support for bigoted opinions and "family values" and the prevention of "gay propaganda." I'm just waiting for one of them to go the tried and true Vladimir Putin method and link us to pedophiles, even though such comparisons are not only erroneous, but vehemently so inaccurate that they attempt to lump us in with individuals who sexually violate and harm innocent children. It is disgusting and abhorrent, but good luck trying to reason with those monsters, especially the one pictured next to this paragraph. This Family Research Council lunatic has been spouting the same refuted BS for decades now... and he'll keep doing so to the peril of his odious organization.

There is no doubt in my mind that the anti-gay bunch have lost the culture war on gay rights and things like same sex-marriage, adoption for gay couples, and anti-discrimination laws soon to be at the federal level, are becoming a reality, not just some inconvenience the old tried and true "traditionalists" can continue to ignore. Homophobes, I want you to keep it up because you are the ones who help us to get these rights. When people see you so obsessed with the sex lives of the LGBT community to the point where any and every word of opposition you have pertains to us being naked and butt sex, it shows others that you are the ones that cannot get your minds off of sex. It shows that you have no valid reasons for your homophobia, other than your own personal discomfort. All you have to do is look at this video and see that you have lost the war. Even kids can see through your bigoted nonsense, and you'd think that would encourage you to stop, but it doesn't... and I love it. It shows that when it comes all boils down to demonstrating that being gay is morally unsound and that children being raised by same sex couples will bring about the destruction of our society and children will be harmed, you can't... end of story. You've had court case after court case to show what you continue to assert, and you've fallen flat on your ass each time. This is why I as a gay man love you bible thumping, science hating, visceral spewing, rights denying homophobic bigots: because you take our plight and put a face and name on it that we can show others exactly the kind of intolerance and bigotry we continue to face.

Okay, I'm done.

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