Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fox News "Doctor" Keith Ablow Thinks Being Transgender Is Not Real

This is my personal commentary, so take it as it is. My opinions are mine, but by all means, challenge them and help me grow... "teach a man to fish" and all of that crap. Now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the nitty gritty of things. This man, Fox News contributor and --we'll say doctor-- Keith Ablow, demonstrated his astounding lack of understanding of the LGBT community by going out of his way to write an Op-Ed piece for his Fox News column.

He goes on to make such enlightened gems throughout the column, stating that allowing children to decide their gender identity is "profoundly destructive, psychologically, to all students, including the ones who identify as transgender." Does he offer any evidence to back up his assertion? Scientific peer reviewed journal? Any studies or medical research to back up his psychiatric background? Of course not! Because that would require these anti-LGBT bigots to stop their "gay is bad" mantra-chanting and actually do some damn work.

And then, in true to form Fox News fashion, he makes himself the victim, writing about how he's getting death threats for daring to call the transgender movement a fabrication. Yes, Mr -- I'm sorry -- Doctor Ablow, let's focus on how you're getting death threats (and I say that loosely because I know how these individuals exaggerate about trolls on Twitter or Facebook) and ignore the fact that you are stating unsubstantiated nonsense and whittling transgender men and women down to jokes and sideshows, even though they are humans and deserve the same respect and love that the rest of us have. I as a gay man will not even pretend to know what they go through, so why do you get to pass your judgment, even though you admittedly discard the science and medical research behind the psychology of transgender individuals?

Did you not state, "Let me put that more clearly: I am not convinced by any science I can find that people with definitively male DNA and definitively male anatomy can be actually locked in a cruel joke of nature because they are actually female."? Wow... and he's a psychiatrist, people. So, I guess transgenderism is the only "cruel joke" that nature plays? Lou Gehrig's Disease which practically leaves a person a prisoner in their own body until they succumb to the disease? Children in third world countries killed by viruses and infections that we in the modern world have long since been vaccinated for, but they fall prey because medicine and vaccinations are not readily available? I can find thousands of instances of "cruel nature", Doctor Ablow; people deciding to live as the gender they feel they are, is not a cruel joke of nature. The cruelty comes in when people tell them that they are freaks, that they are abominations, or that they are simply making it up.

There's a reason why your piece was written in the "Opinion Home" section of the Fox News website. It is because your garbage is nothing but your opinion; your ignorant, uneducated opinion at that. Sure, you have the damn psychiatric credentials, but here's the deal: if you don't use them, you might as well be an astrophysicist giving your expert opinion on how teal can give a slimming effect. I think that in this day and age, it is absolutely despicable that with so much evidence, and the endless crap and violence that befalls the transgender community, they have to contend with crackpot quacks who would tell a transgender little girl that she's making it all up and that she'll snap out of it, but if you're an adulterous hypocrite, you're perfect presidential material. I think you should worry less about what bathroom little Tommy or little Suzy is using, and worry about the fact that you're seen as a joke in your own so-called profession.

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