Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Biblical Morality: No Thanks

What makes you a moral person? What internal drive compels you to do acts of kindness for your fellow man, even when there is no direct benefit for you? Why do you do good things? If you talk to some Christians, as I have had the pleasure of doing so both in real life and on the internet, it apparently is something that is put inside of us by God, the grand poobah of all things... I guess.

We don't steal, kill, or commit heinous acts that harm our society because of this god, and if we do, it is not this god's fault but Satan's... he is the immoral being. Now, I say that would make sense -- as much as it can on the surface -- if you haven't read the bible. However, if you have read it, not only do you see a god that commands atrocious acts of genocide and rape (Numbers 31:7), you see a god that drowns an entire civilization (Genesis Chapter 6 - 9), and you see a god that creates a system that was set up to fail from the start, beginning with the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But you tell me that my morality comes from that book? Whatever you're smoking, take it back and ask for a refund, because it's making you nutty.

Here's why I dismiss your book as a moral guide: because you dismiss it as well. You can tell me left and right what the bible says how being gay is a "sin" or how having sex before marriage guarantees you a one way ticket to Hell, but if you're not putting me to death because I'm gay or stoning women who aren't virgins on their wedding, you can kindly shut the hell up. Not only do you pick and choose what to follow in the bible, you're the first to throw out the age old throwaway excuse of "That was the Old Testament", but meanwhile you'll throw out Leviticus 18:22 or 20::13 all while toting those Ten Commandments, all of which are in the Old Testament. Can't have it both ways.

So what is this crap, then, about morality being divine. That makes absolutely no sense to me.. why? Because to say that morality comes from or is solely through some external force, it is assumed that we as humans have no control over our own morality. That anything we do, is because of something else, meaning that whether this god moves our good actions, or the other evil one moves the bad actions, we are not responsible for anything we do, good or bad. Furthermore, when you have religions that claim to be the guide for morality but commit evil acts (read: suicide bomber, honor rapes, or honor killings) while claiming them to be in the name of their god. Yes, I am alluding to the religion of Islam, where you find this kind of thing happening almost regularly in the Middle East or Africa. But when other religions (or denominations within those religions) see those acts, they condemn them and say their god is not like that. The irony is, they use subjective reasoning to argue their god's objective morality.

The truth is, you're not talking morality; you're talking blind obedience to your god and religion. When you argue that your god's commands are righteous and just, no matter how immoral they are at first glance, you don't care about discerning between right and wrong, just doing what you are told. Christians, would you honestly say that if someone commanded you to kill your child, you would? I remember the outrage over Andrea Yates murdering her children, but she said that she did it to save her kids, and to get them to Heaven before she destroyed them. But to many of you, that wasn't acceptable. So why then, would God commanding Abraham to kill his son Isaac be seen as moral and a testament to his love? I don't care if he didn't go through with it... the fact that he would ask this as if there were no other ways from Abraham to test his faith that didn't involve murdering his child. The really scary thing is, some of you actually would kill your child if you thought your god commanded you to. And to you people, I say give your children up for adoption because you have no business raising a child.

Look, we are moral creatures. Some of us are inherently bad and do harm to others without a single feeling of remorse or guilt. We try to remove those people from society because we as as human beings are in a social community that relies on one another to keep it flourishing. We have rules, guidelines and morals that we use based on the Constitutional rights of others, not the subjective morality of one group over another. When we get in the realm of attempting to legislate someone's morality, we often find injustices happening. Chances are, you are a good person with or without your religion or your holy doctrine; your cherry picking scripture and glossing over of immoral commands are indicative of that.

If you want to live by the outdated principles of people who lived thousands of years ago and knew even less than you do, then good for you. But don't tell me that my morality is a result of your religious nonsense. A quick Google Search a fundamental understanding of religion in general will enable you to quickly come to the conclusion that not only are we moral being despite your religion, we are actually morally stunted by the very existence of religion. Imagine how many rights women, minorities, and gays could have had if not stopped by religion. There is nothing moral about imposing your beliefs on others and denying them rights because you somehow feel your brand of morality is superior to that of someone else's and needs to be forced on everyone.

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