Sunday, January 19, 2014

Are American Christians Being Persecuted?

I was recently watching this video  after it was watching one of my favorite Youtubers, Daniel Sulzbach, AKA Mr. Repzion, who did a very awesome rebuttal of its contents  Granted, I had seen this video a while ago, so needless to say, it is nothing new to see something about Christians clamoring about having their religious freedoms. There are two key differences in their approach, this time: the fact that they have kids echoing the same sentiments that you hear from the older evangelical crowd, and that the persecution complex is in full on attack mode here. I'm starting to see a lot more comments on internet articles pertaining to how all of a sudden, religious groups are losing their freedoms. That their right to worship is being threatened by the gay rights movement and women's reproductive rights. They are now being censored by the intolerant gay liberal left who want to force gay marriage on everyone and take away their religion. So this leads me to ask a couple of questions: Are we taking away the rights of the religious in America, namely the Christians? Are they really being persecuted for their faith?

In a word... no. Sorry to be so dismissive of your plight, Christians, but you are not being oppressed and discriminated against when you are challenged on your beliefs, be it if it is on the origin of the universe or how homosexuals shouldn't be married because your particular brand of worship dictates so. I will be the first to admit that I, and some other obnoxious people (not just atheists), can have a tendency to be overly condescending and arrogant when talking to some of you. But, considering that you give as good as you get, that's not something I think we should really focus on; after all, a good argument is a good argument, regardless of if the person is saying it with sunshine or spewing it with acid diarrhea.

Even though it is easy to look to our American brethren as an example of how "Christian persecution" is nothing more than a ploy to make themselves the victim of their own games, lest we forget that there truly are Christians that are being persecuted all around the word, especially in the Middle East. Christians are literally being killed for their faith in countries like Iraq and Egypt, so when I hear an American Christian whining about how he or she cannot force their beliefs on other people or how their opinion on homosexuality is being challenged, I want to donkey punch baby goats!! I grew up in a Christian community, and have seen how Christianity has infected our society, so you can gladly spare me the BS about how Christians are being persecuted in America.

Whenever I see a state legalizing gay marriage, or a woman's right to choose being upheld, the fundamentalists are not far behind screaming persecution. Do you know that some of these guys actually think that by taking away the right to marry from gays and lesbians, their own rights are being affirmed? That two men or two women marrying takes away their freedoms? Are you fucking kidding me? That giving a woman the right to choose whether or not she wants to carry a fetus to full term is a threat to their freedom to worship? It's enough to make me dismiss religion altogether, even though I know there are some goodhearted people out there who are Christians and are both pro-gay rights and pro-choice. It is rather shameful that their less enlightened brothers and sisters make them look bad, but what are you gonna do?

I don't want Christians in America to think that I am singling them out, another charge I hear a lot. "Why aren't you going after the Muslims or Hindus or Scientologists?", I get asked. "Why just Christians?" This is a question that even they know the answer to, but disingenuously ask it anyway. Do you know why most of what I say is towards Christians? It's because in America, Christians are the majority. You are the ones we see constantly attempting to impose your biblical morality on this secular country. When I stop seeing this batshit woman spewing nonsense about the end times while sitting on the House Intelligence Committee, that'll be a start. When I stop seeing her equally batshit husband and his "Reparative Therapy" for gays and lesbians, then I'll be a little bit happier.

So in closing, I'll just reiterate what I said earlier. There are millions of Christians who are being subjected to monstrosities in other countries as we speak (as are atheists). They are beaten to death for praying to the Christian god and for carrying a bible. They are the persecuted Christians. America gives us the kinds of freedoms that millions of others long to have... and that freedom extends to Christians as well. So to constantly hear how their rights are being trampled on is appalling. As a gay man, there are plenty of rights that I wish I had. But with the progress being made here, and the freedoms I currently have, I would not dare say that I am a persecuted gay man when there are so many of us right now being subjected to draconian laws that condemn our very existence. So when I hear American Christians cry persecution, I answer them in kind:

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