Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I'm Kinda Over Politics

I think if you have social media or are politically abreast of what is going on in the world right now, it's enough to make you want to blow your head, sifting through opinion after opinion. It's especially jarring when you are a leftist, a sinking heart as people on the other side become more and more ensnared in the toxicity of a Trump America, and then realizing that people you once championed as being on your side exposing themselves as noeliberal elitists that want nothing more than to maintain the status quo but feel self-righteous and turn their nose up at the "lack of civility"

I've deactivated my Twitter twice in the past two months and then found myself reactivating it again, all because of an embedded sense of self importance that tells me that out of the millions of opinions, mine matters just as much. That my words will reach the masses and I will have my moment.

It hasn't happened, and it won't happen.

Because ultimately, my words don't matter. Really, none of it matters. And no, this is not a nihilistic and sullen realization, but more of a sobering truth in a world governed by the deepest of wallets. Of course, there's another self-centered element to my wanting to matter, and that is obviously to be noticed.

Notice me on Twitter. Make me matter because of my words and what I say online but have no authority or power to put into action.

But this is not why I am over politics. Not because I personally want to matter, but because I want this system to matter. This should be a country that values its citizens over the wants and demands of billionaires, but as the 2016 election exposed, the two-party system is beneficial to the wealthy, and those that can be crucial mouthpieces by painting on a populist coat that distracts the masses from what's going on behind the curtain.

You think Laura Ingraham or Tucker Carlson or anyone else over at the third leg of the Trump administration give a damn about a Gillette ad that targets toxic masculinity? Or do you think they slap stupid shit like that all over the screen to keep from wondering why you live in one of the richest countries in west and still struggle for healthcare or making a decent living?

There's a reason why politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders scare not only the establishment but the establishment left, and that is because they are both a rebuke of how things have been going for decades. They present the populism of America, and not that of donors and lobbyists and corporate media.

They are, however, the minority, even in their own party. And that's one of the reasons I am over politics. 

It is unlikely any of the things they champion for -- which are overwhelmingly popular among Americans of both parties -- will never be seen in my lifetime, or very close to when it's time for me to bite the dust, and that is because money rules Congress. And money will continue to rule Congress because of very powerful machines that have done a great job of weaponizing identity politics and social justice in order to have regular people shouting at and condemning the most minute of things.

CNN has a vested interest in touting candidates like Kamala Harris, or Corey Booker, or Joe Biden because these are Democrats that play ball with big pharma, billionaires, and lobbyists. CNN is corporate media that much like Fox News showed their hand during the Trump-Clinton faceoff, and much like Fox News dug their heels in the worst of ways.

Watching Fox News, you get all Trump love, with maybe a few criticisms at the time of day when their target demographic are either napping or having their catheters changed. 

And then you have CNN, which displays the worst of the fake middle ground "bothsideisms" that have come to plague the airwaves and give credence to the worst of takes by pretending there is a compromise. We now have a presidential nominee playing field of center left Democrats that have had to come further left because politicians like Bernie and AOC introduced policies that speak to the base, and even now, we have the powers that be doing everything they can do undermine it.

How? By smearing Bernie as racist, or sexist, or enabling harassment of women. Or by smearing AOC as a stupid, wide-eyed nonsensical pipe dream having communist that wants to destroy America and turn us into Venezuela... not the other social democracies like the Scandinavian nations she often emulates her policies behind -- which of course they know, but the name of the game is to lie and obfuscate.

Ultimately, Bernie and AOC talk a good game and I am 100 percent behind their initiative to really "Make America Great Again" but honestly, I'm over the bipartisan hackery. I'm over thinking the pendulum will swing back in the right direction. I'm over being mad all the damn time at every draconian action the Trump Administration takes.

I'm over politics. 

Okay, I'm done. 

Monday, March 19, 2018


What would it look like to see

My impossible standards applied to me?

To become everything I demand?

What would it feel like to do

The very things I expect of you?

Would I heed your calls and commands?

Dreading the thought of it coming to show

That where you said yes, I would say no.

And yet no self inflicted hypocrisy

For impossible standards not applied to me. 

Long Rant: Post Drag Race AS3 Review: Jasmine Masters Was Right

     Week after week, I sat there religiously every Thursday, watching Rupaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3, watching some of my favorites (and Morgan McMichaels) compete and make a bigger impact than they had done on their respective channels. I'm not about to go through each episode and give a critique, because frankly, I don't give a shit about the other episodes after that shit show of a finale.

Can we talk? I mean, can we fucking talk? That format was straight up garbage. Not only was it a finale twist that was leaps and bounds unfair, but it was a complete slap in the face of the nature of the competition, just like the bullcrap with Season 9. The thing is, if these are the kinds of twists you plan on springing on the queens and unsuspecting viewers, this is something you need to let them/us know right off the bat.

Anyways, AS3 ended with Trixie Mattel being crowned, because the eliminated queens in a painfully stupid and massively unfair surprise twist (as mentioned), the eliminated queens (and Bendelacreme, the original frontrunner who voluntarily left the competition) were brought back to serve as jury and decide which two of the final four -- aforementioned Trixie, joined by Shangela, Kennedy Davenport, and Season 1 winner Bebe Zahara Benet -- would go on to the final lip sync for the crown.

Long story short, it ended up being Trixie Mattel and Kennedy Davenport as the final two.

At that point, I was done. Well, actually, when Morgan McMichaels first held up Kennedy's lipstick, I was done, because I already knew that one of my top 2 picks (Trixie and Shangela) was going to get screwed, but dammit, I was not expecting it to be Shangela that would get the shaft. 

And then this video came out:

Getting to see how the girls voted was an even more egregious sight, with Shangela, the frontrunner after Saint Bendela gave herself the axe, got ONE. VOTE. One. And it was from none other than Thorgy Thor, the queen Shangela had sent home. It was just so hard to see Shangie come so far from where was she was, having went home first on Season 2, getting slightly further on a Season 3 return (but still unpolished and rough), and to come back more focused, better drag, better makeup, and still the same flair and confidence... only to have all of her hard work invalidated by a stupid okey doke. 

And Bendela? Girl, you can sit your ass down somewhere, because you were on some ish when you made that choice. Maybe you didn't have all the facts when you made your choice, but after your self-righteous spiel about voting based on track records, and then you turn around and deny the best person after you a shot and reward the person with the worst record, and then kiss your own ass in the process with that "I'm glad I eliminated myself to clear the way for her." 

Oh, shut up. 

And then you bring back Morgan McMichaels (first to go) over Aaja, who had the best record of all the eliminated queens and had redeemed herself from the equally bad Season 9 that saw a queen win the crown because she (beautifully) poured rose petals from a wig, never mind the fact that she had the third best record after Shea Coulee and Trinity Taylor. And of course, the only reason I can think of her bringing back Morgan was to assuage her own guilt over having been the one that sent her home the first episode. And then you bow out of the competition after having had a stellar run and only placing safe once after being in the Top 2 the entire run. Werq, bitch.

Then Ben leaves, and the competition immediately comes with the asterisk of "Whoever is the winner of this crown only wins because Ben took herself out, not because you were the best this season." And then add more turd sprinkles to the urinal cake that was this season and have a bunch of bitches who hadn't even seen most of the action play out decide who is worthy of going to the end.

Of course, I say all this because I am a viewer of the show who has seen second and third bests take the crown from people who statistically deserved it more. Frankly, it leaves a bad taste in one's mouth to see a show not evolve, but devolve. To see the spirit of the competition be sucked away and become a popularity contest is disheartening. With Season 9, it set a precedent that you didn't need to be the best -- just don't get eliminated, and then get to the finale and pull a rabbit out of your wig or do some kind of gimmick that gets the crowd on your side and the crown on your head. But good for you, Sasha, you only did what was told of you, so no hate.

And with AS3, the precedent is pretty similar, except a little harder to handle because you know these queens already from their previous runs. Trixie was a the choice of a lot of people to win, and I figured she and Shangela would be the two to beat (Bendela was an absolute shock), but by the middle of her run and that godawful Snatch Game, I thought "She would literally have to win every challenge and LSFYLegacy to justify a crowning. But she didn't. And she still got the crown. 

I like Trixie. I love her dark humor, her trademark makeup that is ridiculously cartoonish but beautifully applied and unique, and I love her fashion, a mix of sexy pinup and colorful 60's hourglass figure Barbie realness. But just like Season 9 winner Sasha Velour, I don't see it when I hear "Winner Trixie Mattel." I just don't. The finale playing out the way it did is likely why A. There was no reunion, and B. why Season 10 is to immediately begin the week after AS3.

This was just bad, Ru. And I do mean Rupal, because this tomfoolery falls at your doorstep. This was your attempt to shake things up, and it was a major fail. Maybe you just don't care anymore, and this is a paycheck, but don't ask us as viewers to devote our time to watching a competition play out and then change the rules at the last minute that equates to a big middle finger to the good queens and the viewers. It should be Shangela hanging up in the Drag Race Hall of Fame next to Chad Michaels and Alaska Thunder5000.

At this point, I'll stick to watching the recaps of Season 10 on WowPresents, or MovieBitches reviews of Drag Race (and other great movies... check out their channel), because these couple of recent seasons have left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm rooting for you Eureka and Mayhem, but my feeling s right now are better left to Jasmine Masters:

Okay, I'm done. 

I'm Kinda Over Politics

I think if you have social media or are politically abreast of what is going on in the world right now, it's enough to make you want to ...